Fit For Duty #13: Next-generation HR in a world changed by pandemic

Fit For Duty

18-05-2021 • 44 mins

Coach and author Nicolai Tillisch joins Lorien Norden to discuss the changing role of HR. The episode examines how HR teams need to (and can) adapt to ongoing changes to workplaces – accelerated by the pandemic: distributed and hybrid teams, financial uncertainty, mental health challenges and employee demand. Nicolai outlines his Return On Ambition model of career development, personal growth, work-life-well-being balance to help HR teams as they support their people.

Aetna International is a global health and wellness benefits provider, but we're more than just an insurance safety net. Our skill lies in delivering the tools, services and resources that help drive health care costs down and people's health and well-being up.
Ultimately, we believe that when people thrive, their work and their personal endeavours strive as well. For more information about us, you can visit

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