P1 with Matt and Tommy


Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham are two diehard F1 fans, here to bring you all the latest news, reaction, predictions and opinions from the best sport in the world. From every Ferrari strategy blunder to spicy off-track controversies, we’ll be in your ears keeping you up to speed.

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Our Editor's Take

Formula 1 (F1) is a popular sport across the globe, but especially in the United Kingdom. P1 with Matt and Tommy is a podcast that provides listeners with F1 news and commentary, along with a bit of comedy. The show has a unique mix of F1 insight and conversational playfulness. Over the last few years, the show has grown in popularity due to this balance. "P1" is the term for the race leader in an F1 race. This podcast has set its own popular pace.

P1 with Matt and Tommy is the most recent project of hosts Matt Gallagher and Tommy Bellingham. The origins of this podcast are both humble and compelling. It was an offshoot of the popular YouTube channel WTF1, which stands for Who's The Fastest 1. It was founded in 2010 by Bellingham. He began sharing his F1 commentary on MySpace, and it gained a following online. By the time he and Gallagher stepped away from the channel, it had over 1 million followers on YouTube.

Gallagher and Bellingham have both been F1 superfans for about two decades. As long-time watchers of the sport, they both have plenty of experience to work from. P1 with Matt and Tommy offers both an overview of the F1 season and coverage of specific stories. Whether the duo is talking about the need to scrap penalty points or ranking the drivers in the Australian GP, they always share their opinions. The two are knowledgeable but also like to have fun with the podcast as well.

The down-to-earth and fun conversation is what makes P1 with Matt and Tommy a great listen. Unlike other Formula 1 podcasts, the two hosts never take themselves too seriously. That results in a fun and informative show that any racing fan can enjoy. New episodes of P1 with Matt and Tommy premiere on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday of each week.

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