Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon

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A singular star, everyone ( and we mean everyone! ) is connected to ...KEVIN BACON.

He has starred in some of the biggest films of the last 30 years – and after years of hearing his name used alongside ‘Six Degrees’ (the idea that everyone is separated by six people or less), Kevin decided to embrace it and turned the concept into a non-profit – - in 2007.

Now, in his new podcast “Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon,” he will use his fame to feature celebrity guests and highlight their favorite charitable organizations! Each episode will feature inspirational conversations with extraordinary changemakers and how they are making a difference in the world every single day. Get ready to lean in, learn and be inspired to act.

Tune in Tuesdays for your weekly dose of #dogooders. The 'Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon' podcast. Dancing will NOT be banned.

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Our Editor's Take

The Six Degrees With Kevin Bacon podcast comes from the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The game states that any Hollywood actor connects to Kevin by six degrees of separation or less. Kevin himself hosts the show, which connects celebrity guests with charitable organizations.

Thanks to Kevin's long and varied Hollywood career, he has built up a range of connections. Actors, comedians, and musicians join the actor on his podcast. Each celebrity guest speaks to Kevin about their career. They highlight a charity of their choice. Someone from the charity then joins the conversation to talk about their work. The podcast is an innovative way to bring attention to charities that listeners may never have heard of.

One episode of Six Degrees With Kevin Bacon includes actor Alex Daddario. The White Lotus actor speaks about the children's mental health charity On Our Sleeves. Kevin also talks to comedian Ron Funches. The performer speaks about School On Wheels, an education charity for homeless children. Actor Mark Ruffalo discusses the climate charity The Solutions Project. During another episode, Kevin talks to Matthew McConaughey. He talks about the Just Keep Livin' Foundation, a support system for high school students.

This podcast adds an uplifting element to celebrity interviews. Kevin's celebrity guests use their fame to promote good causes. Listeners find out more about people who create change and have a positive impact on the world.

Six Degrees With Kevin Bacon is not Kevin's first charity venture. The actor founded the charitable organization in 2007. The non-profit group supports community projects and promotes connection. This podcast is another way for the actor to continue supporting philanthropic causes. Each episode is approximately an hour long.

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