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Football Ramble


United by a passion for football and a total inability to take themselves seriously, the Football Ramble team are here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to bring you plenty of laughs and even a bit of insight.

From Premier League reviews to the maddest stories from world football, the Ramble is your companion for the 2023/24 season.

So whether you’re a casual fan or a diehard supporter, grab your headphones and join us for the ride!

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Our Editor's Take

The Football Ramble is a lighthearted sports podcast. The hosts are four fans who have fun while talking about soccer (aka football) every weekday. Marcus Speller, Luke Moore, Pete Donaldson, and Jim Campbell are the friends and hosts. They share their honest reviews about the world's best soccer teams and matches.

Each podcast episode has a different theme throughout the week. So listeners know what to expect. There are focus discussion points, such as the “Football Ramble's guide to... The Nevilles in management.” In this episode, the podcast team reviews the careers of brothers Phil and Gary Neville. They compare the two and rate their contribution to football. There's no holding back with these hosts, as their opinions are always honest and direct. One host even describes one of the brothers as having no charisma!

The Football Ramble team also profiles key players in these episodes. The podcast talks about action in the Premier League and the World Cup. They also evaluate random elements of football, such as the number nine shirt. In one episode, they discuss the players who are constantly changing clubs. These players are the so-called “Journeymen” who never want to settle down. In another, they review manager Brian Clough and his career. It's one that they call both complicated and compelling.

Another podcast episode theme is “On the Continent,” where the hosts focus on European football. They review the latest games, players, and managers coming out on top. “The Drop In” features interviews with special guests, including Croatian player Darijo Srna. Another insightful guest is commentator Peter Drury. He's asked about the name he loves to shout most and why his role is even needed.

Listeners can also enjoy some live commentary as the four friends travel to cheer on their favorite teams. In “Ramble Reacts” episodes, the team gets together straight after a game to review the action. With this in mind, it makes a great companion to watching a match at home.

Football Ramble is a fantastic guide to the soccer season. Both serious supporters and casual fans may appreciate the show. Listeners can expect plenty of great chat and laugh-out-loud moments.

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