Conflict Resolution in Challenging Times with Jane Gunn

The Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper - Be More. Achieve More

26-01-2024 • 1 hr

Join us on the Business Elevation Show for an enlightening conversation with Jane Gunn, renowned as “The Barefoot Mediator.” A distinguished figure in conflict resolution, Jane brings her expertise as a trained mediator, facilitator, and the Past President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Recognised in Who’s Who Mediation and the Legal 500 Hall of Fame, her insights offer invaluable guidance for managing conflict in challenging times. Our discussion will delve into the intricacies of conflict resolution, particularly in periods of change, challenge, and crisis. Drawing upon her experiences from speaking at prestigious venues like the United Nations and The White House, and her work with a diverse range of organizations including Cable & Wireless, Capita, NHS, and McLaren Racing, Jane will share strategies that leaders and teams can employ to navigate and resolve conflicts effectively. We will also explore insights from her popular books, including “How To Beat Bedlam In The Boardroom And Boredom In The Bedroom,” “The Authority Guide To Conflict Resolution,” and her latest work, “The Mole & The Mountain” (December 2023). Listen in as we discuss how to turn conflict into collaboration and challenge into opportunity, ensuring resilience and growth in the face of adversity.