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Amanda Baudier & Rebecca Stump

Startup leaders turned Executive Coaches Amanda Baudier & Rebecca Stump interview wildly successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, & creatives. We give you a peek behind the curtain of how they got where they are today — so that YOU can begin to carve your own path towards success. Each episode shares personal stories as well as actionable takeaways that you can apply today to begin living a more joyful and fulfilled life. Come for the career tips, stay for the laughs. We believe that you deserve to be wildly successful, but more than that — you deserve to be wildly happy.

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Building a Sustainable (and Successful) Beauty Business with Agatha Relota Luczo
Building a Sustainable (and Successful) Beauty Business with Agatha Relota Luczo
After a wildly successful career in modeling, Agatha Relota Luczo returned to her family’s ancestral roots in Sicily (literally) to found Furtuna Skin — a fully regenerative line of luxe skincare. Now the brand’s Founder and CEO, she shares the magic of La Furtuna Estate, the 800 acre farm behind Furtuna Skin, as well as the challenges involved in scaling a business while remaining steadfast in her dedication to quality, sustainability, and transparency. In this episode we talk about:The complex process of developing a bespoke formula from scratch (it ain’t easy, folks!)How Furtuna Skin found their niche in an overly crowded industryWhy “wildly potent” ingredients matter for skincare efficacyWhy Agatha initially chose to be the Chief Creative Officer and NOT the CEO of the company she foundedWhat “regenerative beauty” means and how it differs from clean beautyHow to avoid being green-washed by the other beauty brandsThe challenges of scaling a business while maintaining high sustainability standards — and how to overcome themHow Agatha juggles parenting four kids while running a businessWant to experience the magic of Fortuna Skin for yourself? Agatha is offering a special discount exclusively for Full Plate Full Cup listeners! Use code FPFC20 to take 20% off your next order. Limit one per customer, valid three months from 3/24/24. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
Mastering Tough Conversations, Hiring for EQ, and Creating a Culture of Belonging with Katia Pryce
Mastering Tough Conversations, Hiring for EQ, and Creating a Culture of Belonging with Katia Pryce
Ten years ago – with very little business knowledge under her belt – professional dancer Katia Pryce set out to build a company focused on community, quality, and empathy. In this week’s episode, the Dancebody founder shares everything she’s learned along the way —  including leaning into tough conversations, training employees for EQ, and balancing intuition against metrics. Katia spills how she takes intimidating subject matter — dance — and hooks even the most skeptical new learners through empathy and inclusivity. Plus, the mom-to-be gets real about what sharing her pregnancy in a very public way was like (hello, 30M viral views!) and how she handled internet trolls. This episode is packed with hard-earned knowledge that any entrepreneur or people manager can majorly benefit from!In this episode we talk about:How to build meaningful community (which everyone wants but few actually execute)Why EQ is the most important employee quality, and exactly how Katia measures it when hiringHow to balance the push-and-pull of intuition and data as an entrepreneurWhat to look for — and avoid — when selecting a co-founderWhy it’s critical to learn the parts of your business that don’t come naturally (and what might happen if you don’t)Why going to bed angry is sometimes the best thing you can do for your work relationshipsThe science behind why everyone should make time to work out — in communityThe key to choosing a career that won’t lead to burnout Hosted on Acast. See for more information.