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Unleash Your Creativity and Embrace your Inner Artist with James McCrae

Full Plate Full Cup

12-03-2024 • 51 mins

James McCrae, the mystic behind the viral @wordsarevibrations IG account, began his creative journey long before anyone knew of his work — writing thousands of poems the world never saw. Today, the author, teacher, and community leader is impassioned about helping anyone unleash their inner creative — and find the courage to put their work into the world. In this episode, James shares how he used intuition and a sense of play to leave an unfulfilling corporate career and build a creative empire. This episode will give you a new appreciation for your innate creativity and a clear roadmap to not only help it blossom, but also to incorporate it into your work and life.

We talk about:

  • Where to start if you want to tap into your creativity
  • Why we should all spend more time doing nothing
  • The surprising relationship between ego and intuition
  • Why launching an idea before you’re ready can drastically improve your chance of success
  • How to work with — not against — your inner critic when putting work into the world
  • The yin and yang of creativity — and how to use them to get unstuck in your creative process
  • Why being an artist is not all about talent — and what’s more important instead

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