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Our Biggest Lessons, Takeaways, and Advice from 1 Year in Business with Amanda and Rebecca

Full Plate Full Cup

16-10-2023 • 38 mins

We’ve *officially* made it to the one-year milestone of Full Plate Full Cup — and we learned a lot along the way! In this Q&A episode with our founders, we share the good, the bad, and the too-pretty-to-be-authentic of our first year in business. We talk about avoiding the trap of “work, eat, sleep,” how we built a business without funding, and how our biggest mistake led to a strategic pivot one month in. We also talk about what qualities potential founders should nurture and the advice they should NOT ignore. If you’re an existing or aspiring entrepreneur, this episode is a must-listen!

We talk about:

  • Why we don’t seek work-life balance (and what we strive for instead)
  • The biggest misconception about burnout and how to manage it
  • Our year 1 business goal, plus what we did — and didn’t — do to achieve it
  • How to allocate resources as a bootstrapped entrepreneur
  • Our biggest failure that you probably never saw, and how it impacted our strategy
  • The hard truth about trying to be someone you’re not at work
  • The best advice for founders…that they too often ignore

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