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How to Make a Massive Career Pivot & Live Your Purpose with Vanessa Bennett

Full Plate Full Cup

13-11-2023 • 49 mins

In this “keeping it 100” episode, we talk to therapist, host of the hit podcast “Cheaper Than Therapy,” and author of “It’s Not Me, It’s You” Vanessa Bennett – a long-time friend of Amanda’s. Vanessa shares how she went back to square one, leaving a lucrative career in marketing behind to follow “breadcrumbs” to a more aligned career path. In this episode we talk about:

  • How to use therapy and self-discovery as tools to unlock career purpose
  • How to break free of “golden handcuffs” when pivoting industries
  • The real AF details of bootstrapping a career shift
  • Vanessa’s best tips for following intuition and moving through fear
  • The power of mindfulness and a spiritual practice in building an aligned career
  • How Vanessa and her husband “The Angry Therapist” balance work and life together
  • Tips for putting anything creative into the world (hint – it might not be perfect)

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