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Building a Business — and a Life — that Lights You Up with Julianne Fraser

Full Plate Full Cup

29-01-2024 • 55 mins

Julianne Fraser is a pioneer in the world of influencer marketing. Founder and CEO of award-winning agency Dialogue NYC, the digital marketing expert attributes her success to something unexpected: offline time. In this episode, Julianne shares her unique philosophies around leadership, delegation, and work-life balance — all of which have helped her build a company with happy employees, and a rich personal life as a mom, cooking enthusiast, and part-time Parisian. We talk about:

  • What led Julianne to follow her curiosity and create a trailblazing career
  • How Julianne fights imposter syndrome as a business owner
  • Why not taking every opportunity will actually boost your longevity
  • The most important aspect of succeeding in business — and how to nurture it
  • Exactly how Julianne chooses what clients to take on vs pass up as an agency owner
  • Why promoting up a standard ladder may not be best for your team — and what to do instead
  • What steps Julianne took to enjoy a *real* maternity leave as a business owner
  • Why coaching was a game-changer for Julianne as a solo founder
  • The business, career, and personal benefits to offline time

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