BMVT : Venting With Jan Strong-Johnson ✌🏽

Black Men Vent Too

14-03-2024 • 1 hr 32 mins

Good Morning Nashville ☀️ New week, new episode! Yal know how we rock if you follow our platform regularly then you know we stand as the ONLY black father and son podcast in Tennessee . Aiming to change the narrative on black men, one episode at a time by curating content and conversation surrounding black men and mental health. Got a good one for you today, let’s dive in! ✌🏽 We’re honoring black pastors throughout the month of March, but we always have episodes handy that we can drop at any time . This episode? It’s so good . You cannot be from Nashville, and not know the young lady by the name of Jan Strong-Johnson 🫶🏽 A woman that spent 30 years teaching in Metro Public Schools, with a majority of those years having been at Gra Mar Middle School. We bring “Mama Strong” on our podcast simply to give her the flowers she deserves while she’s here to enjoy them. Nashville has had a MANY of influential educators in the city, and she surely is one that deserves the upmost respect and recognition. Mama Strong comes to our platform to vent about how in todays time, rent and other obligations are so high, that kids are missing a lot is the parenting time due to parents having to make ends meet . The reality is, inflation has caused all of us to adjust in a many of ways, and Mama Strong talks about how stress on these young adults are a direct effect on the lack of time being spent actually raising the kids. Today’s episode is a good one, share it with a friend on today! “Have You Heard A Black Man Vent Today?”™️ #BMVT We enjoyed our episode with again one of the most influential Metro School educators in the last 30 years. All we wanted to do again was give Mrs. Strong-Johnson her well deserved flowers 💐, we love you Mama Strong! EPISODE IS OUT NOW ON YOUTUBE! ✌🏽📺 #BMVTtv BMVT Ad Break “March Madness Sale” March 14th-April 10th Instagram: @breskii._berrybliss 🍓🍭 --- Send in a voice message: