BMVT : Venting With Harold Watson ✌🏽

Black Men Vent Too

26-01-2024 • 1 hr 15 mins

Good Morning Nashville! ☀️ Excited to have you guys tune in to another new episode of the Black Men Vent Too Podcast. Aiming to change the narrative of black men, one episode at a time. Let’s get into today’s episode 🔥 Man, we got a good one for you guys today. Harold Watson, a Stanton, Tennessee native, joins the show to come vent on our platform . Harold is a graduate of Tennessee State University, an avid entrepreneur and advocate of financial literacy, and proud owner of The Lab Training Studio in Antioch, Tennessee . We get into today’s conversation talking about his hometown of Stanton and how the roots from home have carried him into adulthood . Major shoutout and love was shown to his mom, as Harold vents about how she was the biggest influence behind creating the Alpha male that he is today. As we get into the second half of the show, he vents about how men are “sassy”, but we talk about solutions behind that as well as opening up the conversation on accountability in black men. It’s a good one today guys … lock in on today’s episode! “Have You Heard A Black Man Vent Today?”™️ #BMVT “Get comfortable in the pursuit of adversity.” - Harold Watson ✏️ Keep up with Harold here ‼️ - IG @h.watson.17 - TikTok @h.watson.17 - Facebook Harold Watson BMVT Commercial Harold Watson/Owner “The Lab Training Studio” 💪🏽 BMVT Black News Weekly Quanie Cash “A Celebration Of African American History” ✊🏽 February 7th, 2024 1000 Cass St. Nashville, TN 37208 --- Send in a voice message: