Ep62. Nathan Paddison, surviving 9 stab wounds and the ensuing spiritual awakening

The Truth About Addiction

16-06-2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Growing up in Sydney West, Nathan was surrounded by drugs and criminals. At a young age, he idolised and longed for the lifestyle where everyone else had all the ‘good stuff’. Nathan got into drugs and gangs by the age of 15. He found that while using, he didn’t care about anyone or anything. He would get extremely violent and get involved in many fights. Nathan ultimately spent 12 years in total in maximum security prisons, where at one point, he was stabbed 9 times and survived the ordeal.

Nathan fell in love with painting during his incarceration. He finally found what arts could do for him, emotionally and spiritually. He could understand himself and could freely express himself in positive lights, in contrast to how drugs affected him. Nathan is now delivering his empowering artworks to collectors all around the world.

Check out his gallery at https://nathanpaddison.com/
Instagram @nathanpaddisonart