The Truth About Addiction

Ron Isherwood

My name is Ron Isherwood, a recovering addict. Born into the infamous underworld of criminal Painters and Dockers in Melbourne. At 37 years clean, I embarked on my own journey of recovery 42 years ago. The last thing that I could give up was my addiction to crime.

Today, I am the founder of ‘The Truth About Addiction’, a compelling podcast that delves into the depths of mental health, addiction, and the path to recovery. I will share my own journey and unveil the raw and powerful stories of individuals from all walks of life; from current addicts to those on the road of recovery and the families affected. Every tale is genuine and unfiltered.

Addiction doesn't discriminate, but neither does hope. If one person resonates with one’s story, if one person can find hope and empowerment from one’s story, it’s a win.

If you have a specific topic in mind or want to share your own story, don't hesitate to reach out. This is your invitation to enjoy our extraordinary chats, where hope prevails, and recovery is not just a dream but an awe-inspiring reality.

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Ep105. Ryan Phillips, former ‘King Of Weed’ in his search for ‘Radical Forgiveness’
Ep105. Ryan Phillips, former ‘King Of Weed’ in his search for ‘Radical Forgiveness’
“All I care about is giving back and to put a smile on somebody’s face.”Ryan Phillips gained notoriety as one of Canada's most prominent marijuana smugglers, earning him the title ”King of Weed." He shared his experiences on Locked Up Abroad with a wide audience on National Geographic.In his candid accounts, Ryan revealed that criminal activity was somewhat of a family tradition, with even his grandmother having ties to the Russian mafia. With such influences, it's perhaps no surprise that Ryan found himself drawn into a life of crime. As a former professional hockey player, his aspirations were dashed by injuries and bad drinking habits. This eventually led to a struggle with prescription drug addiction during his treatment for anxiety. However, Ryan has since turned his life around and become a fervent advocate for mental health awareness. He's embarked on extensive cycling journeys across Asia and Canada, using his platform to raise both funds and awareness for issues such as human trafficking, sex slavery, and mental health.Keep an eye out for Ryan's upcoming film, "Radical Forgiveness," set to release later this year. It promises to delve deep into his personal journey, transcending his past as the "King of Weed" to explore themes of redemption and forgiveness. Find Ryan on Instagram @theryanphillipsofficial If you'd like to connect with me or have recommendations for my show, click Thank you for your support. One day at a time.