Paige Stonerock: Finding Consistency and Freedom in Recovery

The Kick Sugar Coach Podcast

08-10-2023 • 49 mins

Prepare to embark on the extraordinary journey of Paige Stonerock, a trauma survivor who defied all odds and took control of her health. This episode invites you to listen closely as Paige candidly shares her inspiring story of determination, resilience, and healing. Having battled obesity and a myriad of health conditions, Paige turned her life around losing 170 pounds and putting multiple progressive autoimmune diseases, mental illness, PCOS, pre-diabetes, and fatty liver disease into remission, all through an abstinence-based recovery model.

Paige's transformation wasn't an overnight miracle, it came from consistently focusing on building sustainable habits and making the necessary sacrifices. She sheds light on the importance of meeting people where they are on their journey and how externalizing motivation was instrumental in her recovery. Paige candidly discusses the initial struggle to make her recovery program a priority and how, when she was in chaos with food, her life was equally in chaos.

The episode concludes by exploring Paige's holistic approach to personal wellness and how it has played a crucial role in her recovery from addiction. Her journey underscores the importance of food control, self-care, and the need to celebrate the positive moments. It’s a powerful reminder that recovery is not just about making changes, but about finding joy, simplifying life, and reclaiming control over health and happiness. So, tune in for an episode filled with invaluable insights and inspiration straight from Paige's remarkable journey.

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