Episode 5 - Dan's Fast HSE Progress

The Human Factor in HSE

24-11-2022 • 44 mins

In this episode Bjørn is guested by Dan Crawford, EdD, HSE Mental Focus Specialist, and Environmental Health Safety Specialist at Nabors Industries.

The episode covers Dan’s fast progress in the HSE sector and his stunning path from being new to HSE 18 months ago to now being part of Nabors’ Performance Improvement Team (PIT crew) where he and his team take a holistic and new kind of approach to safety in the field of Energy Production by doing thorough assessments, looking at both climate, culture, systems, processes, and performance.

Having a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration and having spent around 24 years of his professional career as both a coach, teacher, elementary and high school principal, been part of building three schools, and lecturing as a professor at university, going into the field of HSE was quite a new step for Dan. Due to dramatic things happening in his personal life, Dan, suddenly found himself longing for change and for new personal challenges. The construction works of the three schools had got him interested in relevant safety issues, as the school year was progressing at the same time as the construction work, and through a friend he got the opportunity to start from the bottom in Nabors Industries and work his way up! Most of the things in this new industry has been new for him, but his background has also proven to be helpful and even to add valuable new perspectives to existing HSE work. Suddenly everything came together like a puzzle!

From Dan’s perspective, the HSE role will, as we move forward, evolve much more into a role of mentoring, coaching, training, and working WITH the team members to help them grow, understand, and learn. He views the sector as going more from simply checking for compliance and a reactive culture towards a proactive culture, where we’re not merely checking if things are there but how to increase performance WHILE making sure we’re compliant. Compliance should be a standard and it’s crucial that we don’t forget to focus on moving upwards still!

Listen to the episode to get Dan’s beliefs elaborated and to learn much more about his interesting work and career path!

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