Top Performance Coach Erica Suter with Tips and Advice on How Girls Can Get Faster, Stronger and Decrease Their Chances of Injury


02-11-2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

Episode 13 features Erica Suter, who we believe to be the top female fitness trainers specifically for girls in soccer in the U.S.  Known on social media as “@fitsoccerqueen” Erica’s approach to helping girls grow their game as their bodies grow develop is transformative. Her awareness of how girls mature and the timing of how they should be training and when, is not just smart and practical, but should be the industry standard. Sam and Jordyn as Erica a slew of questions about training, fitness speed and agility and Erica’s answers will have you wanting to buy her book and share it with the young player in your life.

Sam and Jordyn didn’t shy away from from talking about last week's upset. If you didn’t hear, Iowa beat Michigan State 2-1, after losing to them 3-0 the week before. We can say it here - no one expected the number 1 team to go down to number 8, but as we all know, that’s soccer, and anything can happen on any given day. Where that leaves both of them now? Well we feel it’s a glass half full scenario. The Spartans get an extra week off before the NCAA tournament starts and with the win, Iowa has punched their ticket last minute and has pushed their way in. They now get to play Penn State on Sunday.

They each talk about the week leading up to the game, and what each other their mentality was. It really was a unique scenario and made for a compelling storyline. In true sporting fashion, Jordyn gives Sam major accolades for FINALLY being recognized in the post season as Big Ten Second Team Defender of the Year.

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