How to Fall Asleep Naturally

Adulting with Autism

24-02-2024 • 43 mins

Struggling to kiss insomnia goodbye and sail smoothly into dreamland? You're not alone, and we've got the ultimate bedtime companion in our latest podcast episode. Helen Sernett, the brain behind the 'Sleep List' podcast, joins us to share her personal voyage from sleepless nights to becoming a beacon for those in search of rest. We get up close and personal with the non-drug strategies that soothe the bedtime blues, especially crucial for our listeners on the autism spectrum. From crafting a serene nightly ritual to tweaking your phone settings for minimal disruption, Helen's tips might just be the missing puzzle piece in your sleep saga. Imagine a world where your dinner plate becomes a secret sleep agent, and a non-jarring alarm clock is your morning savior – we're not just dreaming, it's real talk in this episode. As we lay out the buffet of choices that can make or break your sleep health, you'll find practical advice to tweak your lifestyle for the better. I'll share my toolkit that ranges from a consistent bedtime routine to finding the right wake-up methods, all to help you rise and truly shine. It's time to ditch the nightcap myths and late-night snack traps, and instead, pick up habits that serenade you straight to the Land of Nod. As the night grows quiet and we draw the curtains on another show, we reflect on the profound dance between sleep and mental health. It's a heart-to-heart on the importance of our brain's night shift, tidying up the thoughts of the day for mental clarity and resilience. I even open up about my own tangle with sleeplessness during menopause, and how powering down electronics could be your ticket to the rest you deserve. So as you fluff your pillows and cue your sleep playlist, remember that every step towards conquering the night is a victory in the wild adventure of adulting with autism. Join us on this journey; we're all in this dream together.  Listed below is Helen's podcast for more juicy tips and her website with a free sleep quiz! Check them out!

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