Eion Gibbons Helps You to Find the Right Key to Unlock the Door to Your Golf Improvement

On the Mark Golf Podcast

15-11-2023 • 50 mins

Eoin Gibbons is one of Ireland's leading golf instructors and coaches.  Based at Kinsealy Grange Golf Academy in North Dublin, Eoin is a member in good standing of the PGA and is Trackman-certified.  He is also an Ambassador for BodiTrack and has received the Ground Mechanics BodiTrack certification.  Gibbons has also earned, among other qualifications, a certification in The Biomechanics of Golf from Penn State University.

Eoin joins Mark Immelman to teach golfers how to make positive, beneficial and lasting adjustments to your technique for better golf.

He talks in-depth about how "Old Keys Do Not Unlock New Doors" and illustrates key concepts to getting the correct Key for Improvement:

  • How to Change Technique - the Twofold Approach of Education before Implementation with Self-Analysis, and Using the Human Senses to Enhance Improvement
  • Using Technology like HackMotion Sensors to Understand the Wrist Influence on Clubface Appropriation and Ball-Flight, and
  • 5 Point Player Concept

Throughout the conversation he weaves other topics into his presentation. Topics like: How to Gain Confidence, Lesson Frequency and Data Collection, Predictability over Consistency, The 50/50 Rule for Learning, and Breaking Practice into Training and Performing.

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