Hans Larsson on How to Level Up Your Golf Performance

On the Mark Golf Podcast

31-12-2023 • 43 mins

Hans Larsson is a former Professional golfer and now a Golf Instructor at the prestigious Filbornaskolan School in Sweden.  He plays a major role in the development of a number of elite young Swedish golfers including Ludvig Åberg and Madelene Sagström (LPGA).

Hans joins #OntheMark to discuss Ludvig's progression from Soccer to Junior Golf to Collegiate Golf at Texas Tech to winning on the PGA TOUR and the Ryder Cup.

Hans shares his 4 Pillars to Better Golf Performance:

  1. Focus on the Performance rather than the Golf-swing
  2. Work Backwards from the Golf Ball
  3. Develop a Golf-swing Emergency Checklist, and
  4. Protect agains Injuries.

As Hans elaborates on each topic he addresses elements such as:

  • Ball Flight Laws and the Value of Understanding them
  • The "9 Ball-Flight Drill" to remedy a faulty Golf-swing
  • Situational Analysis of rounds and shots
  • Flexibilty, Mobility and Golfer Workouts
  • Mind-control and Proper Decision-making.

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