Defected Radio Show

1Episode 133 Intro (Mixed)2(It Happens) Sometimes [Mixed]3Dancin' (Mixed)4Feels Good (feat. HanLei) [Mixed]5Blessed Are The Meek ! (Mixed)6Nobody (Mixed)7I Feel Joy (Feel The Spirit) [Mixed]8Jeopardized (Mixed)9El Sueño (feat. Martina Camargo) [Mixed]10Pasilda (Mixed)11Scream (Mixed)12Praise You (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Mixed]13Dopamine Machine (Mixed)14Bassline / Light You Up (feat. Queen Rose & Amy Douglas) [Accapella] [Mixed]15Crazy For Your Love (feat. Muphan) [Bernard's Remix] [Mixed]16All I Need (Mixed)17Roy Keane (Mixed)18Calling Out (feat. Dames Brown) [Floorplan Club Mix] [Mixed]19Revolution (Deep In Jersey Mix) [Mixed]20Never Talk To Aliens (Mixed)21Opal (Four Tet Remix) [Mixed]22Episode 132 Intro (Mixed)23At Night (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Mixed]24In Arms (Mixed)25Down Wid Da (Mixed)26It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) [Mixed]27Feels Good (Yeah!) [Kelly G. Shelter Mix] [Mixed]28The Day (feat. Michelle Weeks) [Alaia & Gallo Remix] [Mixed]29Work It Out (Mixed)30Magic Marcel (Mixed)31Try My Love (On For Size) [feat. Teni Tinks] [Mixed]32Watching Out (Mixed)33Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough (Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic Remix) [Mixed]34Thunda (feat. John Mendelsohn) [Rampa Remix] [Mixed]35Stained Glass Shadows (Robert Hood Remix) [Mixed]36Sondela (feat. Xolisa) [Mixed]37So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T.'s Disco Shizzle) [Mixed]38The Skipper (Mixed)39Give Me Body (feat. Josh Caffe) [Mixed]40Take Off Your Shoes (NiCe7 Remix) [Mixed]41The Spirit (Mixed)42Pick Up (12'' Extended Disco Version) [Mixed]43Episode 131 Intro (Mixed)44I Don't Have A Drum Machine (Mixed)45Come To My House (feat. Joe Le Groove) [Mixed]46Open Up Your Spirit (feat. Merachka) [TP's Deeep Detroit Heat Remix] [Mixed]47Oh Mama (feat. Brushy One String) [Dub] [Mixed]48How Do I Let Go (feat. K.T. Brooks) [Charles Webster Deep Mix] [Mixed]49Bad Habit (Mixed)50In Arms (A-Trak Remix) [Mixed]51Push Pull (Mixed)52Feel It (Re-Tide Remix) [Mixed]53Follow Your Heart (feat. Rick Galactik) [Soulmate Remix] [Mixed]54Wurlitzer In Me / Power Of Music (feat. An-Tonic) [Accapella] [Mixed]55That's What I Think About (Mixed)56Baby (Mixed)57Episode 130 Intro (Mixed)58In Arms (A-Trak Remix) [Mixed]59Come In To My House (feat. Joe Le Groove) [Mixed]60To The Beat (Mixed)61Stop Kidding (Mixed)62The Flight (Mixed)63No Doubt (feat. Marissa Guzman) [Mixed]64Love On The Line (Mixed)65Miura (Mixed)66Show Me (feat. Elzi Hall) [Mixed]67To Love (feat. Shannon Saunders) [Qubiko Remix] [Mixed]68Push Pull (Mixed)69Countdown / Isuly (Emanuel Satie Accapella) [Mixed]70I Know It Has Been Done Before (Mixed)71Episode 129 Intro (Mixed)72Time & Space (feat. Jinadu) [Spoken Mix] [Mixed]73You've Got The Luv (feat. Matthew Lewis Jr.) [Angelo Ferreri & Moon Rocket 'Rooftop Live' Mix] / Git Yo Hands Up (Accapella) [Mixed]74Technique (feat. Emmalyn & Jeida Woods) [Torren Foot Remix] [Mixed]75Love On The Line (Mixed)76You (Mixed)77No Price (feat. Chromeo & Al-P) [Art Of Tones Disco Mix] [Mixed]78Push Pull (Mixed)79I Can See The Light (Mixed)80Feels Good (feat. HanLei) [Mixed]81Thank You Baby (Mixed)82Getting Down (Mixed)83Praise You (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Mixed]84Hit It Off (feat. Teni Tinks) [Extended Disco Version] [Mixed]85Episode 128 Intro (Mixed)86Praise You (Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Mixed]87Hold Up (feat. Kendra Foster) [Mike Dunn BlackBall Vokal RemixX] [Mixed]88A Thing (Mixed)89Time & Space (feat. Jinadu) [Vocal Mix] [Mixed]90Prism (feat. Alissa Brianna) [Mixed]91Push Pull (Mixed)92Bounce To It (Mixed)93Don't Waste My Time (Mixed)94Feel (Mixed)95Won't Tell Ya (Mixed)96Wasted All Of My Time (Low Steppa Remix) [Mixed]97Mechouga (Spen & Karizma Remix) [Mixed]98Faded (feat. Kandace Springs) [Sandy Rivera Classic Mix] [Mixed]99What More Can I Say (feat. Nontu X) [Vocal Mix] [Mixed]