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Fresh Folk & Americana

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Fridays

New tracks from the worlds of folk and Americana music. Cover: Gillian Welch, David Rawlings


1Empty Trainload Of Sky2Hillbilly Happy3Memphis; The Blues (feat. John Moreland)4Church Bells and Train Whistles5Real Love6Long Way Home7Hot Rod Pipe Dream8Hold The Door9Come Away10Right Here11Midnight Rider12Instead13Never, No Not Once14Drowning15Gasoline16Ballad of a Broken Dream17Drugs & Bad Habits18Go To Hell19Black Monday20Bird21The Sea in Me22Mother of Three23Your Whereabouts24Ways To Get On Out25Marley26When Our Friends Come Over27Friendship [feat. Carla Thomas & Stax Music Academy]28You29Gettin' Over30Gotta Believe31Guilty (The Dark Bar Daisy Sessions)32Rhinestoned33People Always Change34Who Hurt You35Wake The Dead36Phoning Heaven37Nobody Dies Anymore38Usually You39Alive40DOWN BY THE RIVER41Darkest Places42Scenic Route43Something's Got A Hold On Me44This Town45Different Kind of Blue46Tulsa47Death Valley High48Deep End49Sharpen Your Shovel50Silence in the Suburbs51I’ll Do It52Nobody's Gonna Make It out Alive53West Virginia Sky54The Truth About You55Feel It All56Holding On To More57Cars in the Desert58Barriers59Sanctuary60Thank God for Cigarettes61Bubbly62Movie Star (with BAILEN)63Southern Star64To Be A Papa65The Lightning and The Old Man Todd66Feeling Always Down67Tequila or Whiskey68America, Come69Patterns70More Failure71Eagle Rock72Make You Proud73Life, Love and War74Sweet Critters75On Her Side76How Do I Feel Alive77Dreams78American Son79Tear It All Apart80Rolling Down The 40581Radio Wave82Why I'm Walking83Know Why Now84Just A Bird85War Isn't Murder86Stage Lights87Everyone But You88Heaven Is89Ginseng Daddy90Come Back91Indiana Knows My Name92If You Would've Told Me (Live From The Living Room)93Carry It Well94Son Of Tennessee95Get Used to the Night96Feed the Flame97Museum Guard98High Note [feat. Stax Music Academy]99Solitaires100Mattering Ram101Movin' South102Ocean103Measure of a Man104Good Good Love105Disappeared106Typical Love107Don’t You Treat ‘Em That Way108God Needs The Devil109Devil In My Ear110Cherokee Purples111Far As I Can Go112Come Rest Your Head (On My Pillow)113Temporary High114Better Days115Everywhere I Go116Black on Black117Through To You118Falling Forever119Saline (Reimagined)