Episode 22: Our Limiting Beliefs

Power Over Food

19-06-2021 • 39 mins

In this episode I talk to Psychotherapist Jacci Jones about our limiting beliefs and how they hold us back from getting what we really want. Whether that is weight loss, a job or a relationship.

Jacci is a qualified Psychotherapist and nursery nurse specialising in helping families and parents understand how thoughts can impact our reality through Transactional Analysis, NLP and ‘The 3 Principles’ practices.

Jacci has over 30 years experience working with parents and families. She was a foster carer for 13 years mainly fostering high risk children with severe behaviour problems which is what began her journey into Psychotherapy. She now runs a successful Psychotherapy practice from her home in Coppull, Lancashire, 2 websites (jaccijones.co.uk parent-plus.co.uk) a podcast (Living life being Human) as well as social media and Youtube channels supporting families, parents and individuals.

Power Over Food is a thought provoking podcast to help you explore your relationship with food alongside your weight loss.

Jenny McDonald works with her clients to help them understand their behaviour around food, challenging unhelpful thinking and creating new helpful habits around food.

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