Remembering “Remember by Christina Rossetti”

Literature & Life

31-05-2022 • 4 mins

Christina Rossetti is one of the most well-known female Victorian poets. She was born on December 5th, 1830, in London. Her writing displayed a wide range of styles. Goblin Market and Other Poems 1862 is her most famous work. She is regarded as one of the most important Pre-Raphaelite poets. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, breast cancer, and other ailments as she neared the end of her life. On December 29, 1894, she passed away.

Christina Rossetti wrote a Petrarchan Sonnet called Remember. It is divided into two sections: Octave and Sestet. The Octave uses an abbaabba rhyme scheme, while the Sestet uses a cddece rhyme scheme. The Sonnet is a lovely expression of both human and divine love.

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