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21-08-2020 • 2 mins


This is an exciting advert for the QUIRKY VOICES VOICE ACTING COURSE - Starting this September with - me!

If you have always wanted to kickstart your voice acting career for indie audio fiction and were not sure how on earth to get going, join me in this voice on/hands on course to get to know those all important basics and ...what to do first!

I'll work on audition technique, and where to find them, some basic editing and communication etiquette, creating those character voices and lifting them off the page, how to mark up your scripts, maintain excellent vocal health, warm ups, cool downs and organising yourself ....in the first of a 5 week online course.
(You can do it from ANYWHERRRRE!)

Listen to this ad for ways to get money off and - MADIVA SEASON 3 IS COMING - VER VYER VERYYYY SOONNN So do not miss that either

Head HERE to Quirky Voices Website to book your place on the grooviest of courses - places limited! It will be on zoom, and you will need to have downloaded audacity too. Quick - places are going daily...

Groovy workpacks will be sent to your email a week after your registration and payment confirmation and I CANNOT WAIT TO WORK WITH YOUUUUU

I always dreamed of being a voice actor,  and I took that leap and tried, learnt some good and bad habits, and got stuck in - now I am doing my dream job every day....

So why not jump in - early bird price - £100
After Sept 1 - £150

Please enquire re Quirky discounts to encourage under-represented voices from BIPOC / Marginalised LGBTQ+ Communities or disabled folks - we need more of your voice in this burgeoning medium! ALLLL ARE WELCOME

Smalll groups so we can really focus on building your confidence and skills and knowhow - and have us SOME FUNNNN

See you soon??


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