Ep. 17: Reconciling with our Japanese identities., Soul-Searching and Growth while living in Japan, Entering the Coaching Space and Stepping into Your Calling with Mindset Coach Kristy Mariko!

The Light of Insight with Nina Gamell

13-03-2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

It was an absolute pleasure having mindset and career transition coach, Kristy Mariko, on the Light of Insight!

When I entered the coaching space almost half a year ago, I wanted to find an expander who had a multicultural background, experience in Japan and the U.S., and was a female coach. Kristy checked all those boxes and so much more.

In this conversation, we talk about our journeys reconciling with and reclaiming our Japanese identities and navigating life in two very different parts of the world. Kristy and I both grew up in the states and moved to Japan to reconnect with our roots. Interestingly, we both did major soul-searching and inner work while figuring out how to exist in a country as an "other" with rigid social structures and cultural norms.

Stepping into the coaching space as Asian American women has been in some ways a rebellion towards a culture that doesn't always ask for support when it comes to mental and emotional health. This was a big lesson in understanding that the path we choose to live doesn't need to make sense to anyone but you.

Episode highlights:

  • Kristy’s background growing up 5th generation Japanese-American in California
  • Moving to Japan for the first time and teaching English in the country side as part of the JET program
  • Self-awareness and growth in a country with rigid social norms and expectations
  • Navigating different identities that you have within yourself
  • Transitions and trusting your intuition
  • Enrolling in the Institute for Coaching Mastery Program
  • Entering the coaching space and starting a business during the pandemic
  • Somatics and tuning into your body
  • What living in alignment means and feels like
  • Predictions and thoughts of where the coaching industry in Japan will be in the future

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