Cycling Performance Club: Dr. Dajo Sanders- Research evolved into practice at the highest level of cycling performance, Part 2 of 2

Semi-Pro Cycling

22-03-2022 • 48 mins

In this episode we continue our discussion with Dr. Dajo Sanders (part 2 of 2), an individual whose skill and expertise in the realm of cycling performance are well developed. Dajo is a prolific researcher in many aspects of endurance training and specializes in the very distinct research cohort that is well-trained high-performance cyclists. He is also a member of the performance group at Team DSM where he uses his experience and knowledge to help World Tour cyclists perform at their absolute best.

In this episode we discuss with Dajo his research and practice in monitoring training load in cyclists and also what cycling performance research he is excited about.

Guest panelist:

Dajo Sanders, PhD

Twitter: @DajoSanders



The podcast co-hosts:

Jason Boynton, Ph.D.

Damian Ruse

Cyrus Monk

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