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If something happens in Formula 1 racing, The Race F1 Podcast has got you covered. Featuring renowned F1 journalists Edd Straw, Mark Hughes, Scott Mitchell-Malm, Ben Anderson and more, we’ll bring you unbeatable insight from the ground at every F1 race, including the inside line on the latest breaking Formula 1 news and gossip, informed debate about the biggest topics, and in-depth analysis after each grand prix. read less

Our Editor's Take

Formula 1 racing fans may find The Race F1 Podcast a good source for extensive news and analysis. The podcast is a production of The Athletic, which has a comprehensive Formula 1 section.

Edd Straw hosts The Race F1 Podcast. Straw is a frequent contributor to RACER magazine. He spent many years at Autosport magazine. Straw covered grand prix racing and became editor in chief. He was once an avid amateur racing driver.

The Race F1 Podcast covers drivers such as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The podcast covers races such as the Australian Grand Prix and the Belgian Grand Prix. It discusses F1 teams such as Ferrari and Mercedes. The podcast also examines moves off of the race track, such as when James Key became the technical director of Alfa Romeo.

The Race F1 Podcast goes beyond who claimed the winner's trophy. For instance, Verstappen won the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix. That triumph clinched the constructor's championship for Red Bull. The podcast still took note of the fact that McLaren finished second and third. It was McLaren's first double podium since 2021. The podcast wondered, "Is McLaren now Red Bull's greatest long-term threat?"

Ten years after Fernando Alonso last won a Grand Prix, The Race F1 Podcast analyzed the Aston Martin star's performance. How could such a good driver go winless for so long? Despite the dry spell, was Alonso actually better than ever?

The podcast has done episodes devoted to potential controversies. Will there be another cost cap breach? Red Bull and Aston Martin received penalties after exceeding the cost cap limit in 2021. Will there be a rule to enforce engine equalization? Alpine's Renault engine has a power deficit compared with other teams' engines.

The Race F1 Podcast airs a couple of times per week throughout the year.

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