UK Social Prescribing ft. NHS and Open Minds Active

Movement is Life

23-08-2022 • 57 mins

Movement is Life is a podcast from Intelligent Health focusing upon the importance and benefits of physical activity and active travel.

In our tenth episode, host Bethany is joined by Steve Spiers, Green Social Prescribing Manager, NHS Bristol, North Somerset & South Gloucestershire CCG, and Maggy Blay-grove, Founder of Open Minds Active.

Following on from Episode 9 where we spoke to our friends across the pond, in this episode we will discover the history behind Social Prescribing within the NHS, alongside the back story of Open Minds Active and the future hopes of both Steve and Maggy for social prescribing in the UK.

Maggy also shares what inspired to found Open Minds Active, plus the importance of blue spaces to herself and multiple people she has helped.  As an organisation Open Minds Active helps to connect people with nature and access to the outdoors, through a variety of projects they create a fun community where everyone is welcomed. Both Steve and Maggy share their own personal experiences within green/blue social prescribing and share a funny anecdote or two in relation to their own sporting experiences.

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