Breaking Barriers with Rounders England

Movement is Life

14-06-2022 • 55 mins

Movement is Life is a podcast series from Intelligent Health focusing upon the importance and benefits of physical activity and active travel. We will explore the many areas within life that these can be addressed, from volunteering, to nature, exercising, and many more. We will have informative and educational conversations with experts from across sectors to share how they are making a difference.

In our sixth episode, host Bethany is joined by Natalie Justice Dearn, CEO of Rounders England, and Katherine Knight, Director at Intelligent Health and Chair of Rounders England. Deep diving into Rounders England as an organisation, Natalie explains the history behind the game and their vision for the future, including their hopes to be included in the Commonwealth Games one day soon, and Katherine shares how sport has shaped her life and the impact she has made personally within the field.

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