In conversation with Beat the Street insiders

Movement is Life

01-08-2023 • 47 mins

A podcast series from Intelligent Health, Movement is Life includes experts sharing their experience on the importance movement has on our health, economy and environment. Each episode examines a different sector and area, so no two are the same!

Join our discussion today as host Bethany speaks to Head of Programmes, Jenny Cottrell, Former Active Partnerships Manager, Dan Tremain and Engagement Coordinator, Chloe Allison.

Have you ever wondered how Beat the Street works? Then this episode is perfect for you! In our conversation, we will reveal insight and findings from over the past decade. We will discuss how clients and partners can make or break the success of a game, whilst focusing on the variety of programmes offered and the long-term benefits associated with physical activity to overall wellbeing and much more! We will also examine all 3 phases of the game, from anticipation, to in-game, to the legacy phase. Sharing case studies and game successes.

Listen as we celebrate 10 years of Beat the Street and the fantastic legacy it has created. At the time of publishing, Beat the Street has had 1,729,887 players, 5,118 schools, 161 schemes across the UK, and in total, participants have travelled 14,324,127 miles!

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