Kate Ivey | Habits, Holidays, Hangovers, The Special K Diet & Fitness Without Barriers

Lifestyle Design Secrets

08-09-2023 • 1 hr 23 mins

Kate Ivey is the founder of DediKate - a community based, balanced and holistic approach to health and fitness, everyday life, family and fun.

Kate and I discuss both our journeys with coaching and never wanting to get into 'mindfulness'. Now we're eating our words... a little at least. We run through my five Lifestyle Design Secrets (Mindset, Environment, Habits, Movement & Nutrition) in both life and business.

Far from dry, our tangents take us down a number of philosophical rabbit holes and even further down memory lane.

Remember the Special K diet? University eating and drinking? And we delve into our more recent antics on holidays. The struggles we face travelling with friends and striking a balance.


About Dedikate (there is a Free Trial for anyone tempted)

At DediKate they focus on fitness, strength, nutrition and a positive mindset. As Kate and I discuss, it's not about short-term weight loss or fad diets; but rather about the long term, building your old lady body and getting the most out of life!

They make working out easy; you can do their workouts anywhere and anytime.

From the NZ High Country to the Australian Bush and everywhere in between, the DediKate app is home to their down-to-earth trainers. A lot more than just your standard fitness app.


In this podcast we focus our conversations around fitness, nutrition & mindset. Based on real life experiences.

On The Menu each week: An Introductory Starter, Insightful Main Course & Juicy Dessert. Navigating the world, our food environment, social changes & a whole lot more.

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