Ep. 27 | The Motherhood Menu: Nourishing Moms and Babies with Jess Anderson

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13-03-2024 • 1 hr 34 mins

In our latest chat, I sit down with Jess Anderson from Nourish and Bloom Mama to get real about the ups and downs of motherhood, from pregnancy to baby nutrition. Jess and I get into what it really means to eat right when you're expecting or already deep in the mom life. We bust some common myths (spoiler: eggs aren’t the enemy!) and share why liver should be on your plate for that choline boost.

Here’s what you’ll take away from our down-to-earth talk:

- Trust your gut (literally) when it comes to what you eat as a mom or mom-to-be.

- Iron’s super important during pregnancy and after, and it's not just about how much you eat, but how your body takes it in.

- Plant-based diets and pregnancy can be a tricky combo. We chat about the importance of iron and where to get it.

- Protein is a big deal for energy and mood, especially when you’re growing a little human.

- Food isn't just food; it's about long-term health for you and your kiddo.

- Self-care isn't selfish. It's key for being the best mom you can be.

- We talk healthy fats for brain development and why butter is way better than those nasty vegetable oils.

- The first 40 days postpartum are all about rest, bonding, and boundaries.

Our episode is packed with real talk about making food choices that make sense for you and your family. So grab your earbuds and get ready to feel seen, heard, and maybe even a bit hungry!

Chapters to tune in for:

00:00 – Meet Jess and hear our take on mother and baby nutrition.

10:47 – We tackle those pesky nutrition myths during pregnancy.

24:46 – Unpacking why eggs, butter, and liver deserve a spot on your plate.

43:48 – The real deal on plant-based diets and pregnancy.

01:02:54 – Self-care tips for moms and why your well-being is non-negotiable.

01:18:24 – Embracing the sacred first 40 days postpartum.

Tune in for a heart-to-heart that’s all about feeding both body and soul. 🌱💕

Visit Jess' Website: https://www.nourishandbloom.co.nz/ where you can find her recipe book, courses and lots more!

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