Ep. 22 | Holiday Health Hacks With Harriet From Harriet Well Nutrition

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15-12-2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Holiday Health Hacks With Harriet From Harriet Well Nutrition

In our latest episode, Harriet and I delve into the myriad ways to stay healthy and joyful throughout the festive season. We advocate for a positive approach to nourishment, focusing on what to incorporate into your diet instead of what to eliminate.

Understanding the benefits of embracing hunger is another key point we discuss, along with the crucial aspect of making your well-being a priority and ensuring you stay well-hydrated.

Mindfulness is a recurring theme in our conversation, especially when it comes to eating. We talk about the importance of plating your food and tuning into your hunger and fullness signals. This approach allows you to fully savor and celebrate the holiday treats without losing sight of your body's cues.

We wrap up the conversation by reinforcing the need to adhere to feel-good daily practices and routines, even amidst the holiday chaos.

Moreover, Harriet and I explore tactics for upholding a balanced lifestyle during these festive times. We stress the significance of establishing wholesome routines, being conscious of our movement, listening to our bodies, managing stress without resorting to food, and practicing self-compassion.

We encourage everyone to wholeheartedly enjoy the holidays and resist the temptation to dismiss healthy habits with the new year just around the corner. Ultimately, we aim to equip you with actionable advice and a positive outlook to skillfully navigate the holiday season's delights and challenges.


  • Set up healthy routines and be mindful of your daily habits, even during the holiday season.
  • Any movement is good, so find ways to stay active and enjoy physical activities that you love.
  • Listen to your body and take the time to check in with yourself both mentally and physically.
  • Manage stress without relying on food as a coping mechanism.
  • Remember that one less healthy choice isn't going to ruin everything. Enjoy it and move on.
  • Don't be too hard on yourself and try to enjoy the holiday season without overthinking things.
  • Avoid using the impending new year as an excuse to abandon healthy habits. Start incorporating positive changes now.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:01 Philosophies on Eating Well and Mindset

03:28 Focusing on What to Add, Not What to Cut Out

07:26 Avoiding Under-Eating and Overeating

09:12 Being Okay with Feeling Hungry

11:17 Finding Balance and Enjoyment in Food

14:05 Making Yourself a Priority

22:36 Staying Hydrated

25:54 Mindful Eating and Plating Your Food

32:43 Maintaining Feel-Good Daily Habits and Routines

33:24 Setting Up Healthy Routines

37:33 Any Movement is Good

41:58 Listen to Your Body

45:19 Manage Stress Without Food

48:56 One Less Healthy Choice Isn't Everything

51:58 Don't Be Hard on Yourself and Enjoy It

58:52 Don't Use the New Year as an Excuse

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