Selecting the right manufacturing partner

The Vitafoods Insights Podcast

16-06-2022 • 14 mins

Brands must spend the time to choose the right partner to help them go-to-market; assessing capabilities of a manufacturer is only part of the process.

Food supplement brands are looking to deliver the best possible product to consumers—one with a solid formulation, grounding in science, and efficacious delivery of nutrients. One of the key considerations to doing this is connecting with the right go-to-market partner, and selecting a contract manufacturer means assessing myriad considerations. Everything from capabilities and run sizes, to regulatory compliance and certifications should be on the table. How to navigate selecting and managing manufacturing partners can make the difference between market success and failure.

To offer context on the process, Cory Carter, CEO of Carter Regulatory Group, joined the Vitafoods Insights podcast. Cory has been advising companies on different matters regarding contract manufacturing, with a focus on regulatory compliance, for 20 years, and dove into these issues and more.

Tune in to hear more about:

  • Common mistakes brands make when selecting a contract manufacturing partner.
  • Why it is critical to have a contract and quality agreement in place with your partner.
  • The role of on-site audits and options for working with companies in different geos.
  • Ways to assess the capabilities and fit of different manufacturers.

Guest: Cory Carter, CEO, Carter Regulatory Group

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