The incredible mental health benefits of owning a pet with Dr Katrina Warren

EQ MINDS: Recharge Your Mental Health

21-08-2023 • 15 mins

Today's guest is Dr Katrina Warren, one of Australia's most recognised veterinarians and pet experts with a media career spanning over 25 years. After graduating from University, Dr Katrina took a more unconventional path to working in television. Many of you might recall her from the popular Seven Network show, Harry's Practice.

Dr Katrina has an incredible passion for working with animals and loves helping pet owners enhance the social bond they have with their pets.

What to expect in this episode:

  • Dr Katrina's story and how she forged her career pathway
  • How owning a pet has incredible benefits for your mental health
  • The uprising of puppies in COVID-19
  • Dr Katrina's health routine

Enjoy the show!

Connect with Dr Katrina:

IG: @drkatrina

Tiktok: drkatrinawarren

Connect with Chelsea:

IG: @eqminds & @chelseapottengerofficial

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