Being Present

Spiritually Woke

15-08-2022 • 49 mins

In this episode we talk about realizing when your walls are going up and if your walls are helping you or hindering you. How can we be the artist of our own life and give main character energy by not living in the victim mentality for too long.

The Buddah believed that the source of our suffering was that we believed we were something other than what we are. We believe in the character that’s having trouble. Our suffering is that we forget who we are after years of our life and trauma. We put those layers of armor over ourselves to protect ourselves so that we forget who we are. We have to love ourselves and have compassion. Love ourselves unconditionally because our mind has automatic negative thoughts so it’s a quick change from feeling bad to believing I AM BAD. Then sometimes you can have a spiral of automatic negative thoughts. Are these thoughts really yours? Sometimes I just tell myself that those negative thoughts are not mine and I don’t accept them. We have to relate to ourselves with love and respect so that we can relate to the world with an open heart. If we have turned on ourselves how can we be open to others?

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