Ep.066 -- Dr. Casey Jakubowski -- #ChangeTheNarrative & Better Schools for Better Communities

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10-05-2021 • 1 hr 11 mins

ClassCast Podcast Ep.066 features Dr. Casey Jakubowski, a professor, author, and teacher from upstate New York sharing his views on education in the United States, our need for greater civic education and engagement, as well as how we can "#ChangeTheNarrative" about our school system's successes and failures. Casey has worked in K12 and higher ed., in humanities and STEM, in the classroom and in leadership roles. Through his long and varied career, he has gained unique perspectives on what our schools do, how they function, and what we can do to improve how we serve students and communities. From standardized testing to specialization, from civics to community influences, we cover it all. Casey also shares a heartfelt story of family, loss, and students rising to the occasion and making change in the world.  You can contact Casey on Twitter and LinkedIn or leave a comment below if you want to continue the conversation.

Table of Contents (*highlights)

  1. 0:00-4:29 -- Intro to Casey Jakubowski
  2. 4:29-12:43 -- The Purpose of School According to Casey (#ChangeTheNarrative) **
  3. 12:43-15:23 -- "Defunding" Schools
  4. 15:23-33:37 -- Casey's Ideal School & How to Get There *
  5. 33:37-44:34 -- Standardized Testing, Opportunity Data, & "Learning Loss" *
  6. 44:34-54:43 -- Humanities, STEM, & Real Human Stories
  7. 54:43-1:02:17 -- How Politics Limits Schools *
  8. 1:02:17-1:11:01 -- Book/Movie Recs & Wrap-Up

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