Mindset is critical to Health and Weight Loss: “I’ve never been happier nor more fulfilled in life - that’s down to NLP” - with Yas Neves

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

20-10-2021 • 1 hr 8 mins

Are you waiting until you’ve lost the weight before you’ll feel happy? What if an unexpected 2 minute conversation about your health changed your life forever? Ever considered the health consequences of being addicted to stress?… This is a story of hope and life changing transformation!

Ashamed of herself and hating every inch of her body, Yas set about losing 10 stone in weight, dropping from a size 26. Little did she know this dramatic transformation would leave her with mindset challenges. She appeared to have it all - the husband, the house, loads of disposable income, achieving milestones in her career AND the weight loss … but she still had a huge empty hole and was not happy.

At 27 in a 2 minute conversation her life changed forever as she was told she had an incurable disease of the brain and spinal cord, she was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). She spent the following 2 years terrified, angry and anxious about the future. Thankfully an MS charity gave her hope and in the car one day Yas took back control of her life - her life was NOT going to slip away from her. The new holistic approaches were however at odds with the ‘old her’ that was addicted to stress and overdrive. She was conflicted. She only booked her NLP Practitioner course to become a better communicator at work, but quickly released she was here to learn about the mind body connection. She was fascinated by how the power of her thoughts could change how she felt and possibly improve her health. She discusses how she wishes more people in the medical profession understood the role of mindset in health.

On her Master Practitioner programme she learnt an NLP technique called the Weight Change Paradigm™ and now helps other people through her Weight Change Breakthrough Coaching (the key is … it’s not about the weight!). She shares a case study of a client she’s helped with a 30 year battle with weight who now loves herself, is happy and the loss of weight is simply a byproduct.

Listen in today to this story of hope and transformation of both body and mind!

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