The Top 3 Money Blocks and how to overcome them - Money Mindset with Laura Evans

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

10-12-2021 • 44 mins

When you think of money, what feelings or thoughts come up for you? Is your relationship with money a good one? Are you frustrated about your current financial situation? Are you looking for more money but not sure where to start? Are you wanting to break unhelpful money worries? - then you’re in the right place!

In this episode I’ll discuss what money is and that leads us into a discussion about the 3 main money blocks that hold most people back with their money mindset. Did you know that your beliefs, thoughts and feelings around money are key to the success you may or may not have around wealth? The other key to financial success to goal setting - do you have a money goal?

We’ll be covering ALL of this AND I’ve included two exercises to help you sort your money mindset! I really hope you get tremendous value from this episode … so let’s jump right in :)

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