What is Time Line TherapyⓇ? Removing negative emotions, limiting decisions and creating your future

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

17-06-2020 • 20 mins

Do you wish life was easier? Struggle to move forward? Feel the weight of the past?

Want a way to get rid of what’s holding you back in a fast, effective, easy and comfortable way?

In this episode, Laura will share how the Advanced NLP Technique, Time Line TherapyⓇ, created by Dr. Tad James enables people to let go of the negative emotions of Anger, Sadness, fear, Hurt and Guilt.

Clients are always delighted to hear it’s content free and that there is no need to discuss what’s happened to them in order to let these emotions from the past go - these emotions that are currently weighing them down.

You’ll hear the transformation of Lisa and our other delegates on our NLP Practitioner course who get an experience of TLT - some refer to it as the hidden gem of the NLP Practitioner course.

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