How NLP helped me transform my life and gave me the courage to follow my passion! - featuring Louisa Thomas

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

28-10-2020 • 1 hr 4 mins

Are you in a job you’d say is ‘alright’?

Have you found yourself settling for ‘ok’ in life?

Lost your ‘Va,Va,Voom’ and feel like you lack a clear direction in your life?

Are you struggling to find the confidence or courage to follow your passion?

Are you interested in hearing an inspirational story of how one lady became incredible?  - In this episode Louisa Thomas shares how she came across NLP with a view to helping others enhance THEIR lives … BUT quickly realised the biggest benefit of her NLP Training was her own transformation!

She shares how a series of realisations on her NLP Practitioner course lead her to the decision that she COULD and WOULD set up a coaching business following her passion!

Fast forward 8 months and she’s a fully qualified Master Coach and has never been calmer, more content nor more fulfilled!

She is a better version of herself .. truly transforming the lives of those she works with.

An inspirational story that you’ll love - check it out today!

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