From the Crossroads of Life to Feeling Alive for the First Time! (and creating the Calmer Baby Technique™)- Natasha Williams

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

02-11-2022 • 58 mins

Are you at a crossroads in your career and wondering what to do next? (you don’t know what, but you know it’s not this!). Perhaps you’re looking to learn some NLP coaching tips? Are you interested in improving your relationships with your family? Are you a caregiver and want to know about a brand new technique? - well let me introduce Natasha Williams.

Natasha had a 20 year corporate career in hospitality and after furlough wanted to get off the rat race. She wanted to put herself first, but what would she do? She had a ‘Shirley Valentine’ moment and got away … she then realised she wanted to help people through coaching, and this led her to NLP. Natasha’s Neuro Linguistic Programming Training with Laura at Unleash Your Potential gave Natasha the skills to achieve so much more than she had ever dreamed of. Yes, she got the most amazing coaching skills (which she now uses in her coaching business) but she also got a lot more!…. a promotion to Director in 11 weeks, a step change in her relationship with her children, a shift in her belief about herself, a shift to absolutely trusting herself AND for the first time she felt alive!

In this episode Natasha and Laura also discuss a shared love of one particular coaching question they both use in Coaching … about decisions. Natasha ALSO shares her BRAND NEW Calmer Baby Technique™ which she created based on her Master NLP Practitioner training and experience as both a Parent and Grandparent. Ready to dive in? - Listen Today!

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