Breakthrough to Success: NLP mindset hacks from the Coach to 6/7 figure Entrepreneurs - with Hamza Ahmed

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

11-08-2021 • 53 mins

Interested to hear about how intensive NLP Breakthrough coaching helped an entrepreneur double her monthly income? If NLP could transform someone’s business success would you be interested? What if better connection and communication at work could bring higher productivity and business results?

At 19 Hamza felt the fear and did it anyway by taking himself to New York to realise a dream. A later trip to Nashville helped him work out what was stopping him from being a millionaire - Mindset! Tony Robbins introduced him to NLP and this was the moment everything changed for Hamza. He now delivers NLP Breakthrough coaching for his 6/7 figure clients - one of whom doubled her monthly income as a result!

He discusses his realisation that his past was impacting his present. His attitude now is to ‘fail fast and keep running!’ He even discussed how as an Agile expert he’s used NLP to improve communication and build connection within a IT team! ALL of this and he’s 25!! WOW!!! What an inspiration!! ….. AND he only completed his NLP Masters training 8 months ago!!!

This is a fast paced episode with plenty of little gems throughout. If you want more success in your life, listen in today!

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