“NLP transformed my life and now I transform the results of Business Owners using NLP” with Yvonne Pritchard

NLP Talks with Laura Evans

08-09-2021 • 51 mins

Are you wondering if ‘this’ is all there is? Are you frustrated that you’ve got stuck? Does self doubt keep stopping your progression? …. Yvonne Pritchard says that if you’re not happy in your business or life you’ve got to change it, that’s what she did and you can too!

As a mindset, motivation and confidence coach she finds her client’s mindset blocks and removes them! There is no need for the past to hold you back when you’ve got a Coach like Yvonne supporting you. Yvonne specialises in helping small business owners to get out of their own way and her coaching positively impacts business RESULTS ... the bottom line! She also shares 3 top tips you can use now to improve your results TODAY!

You’ll also love this episode if you’re curious about the life of a Coach and what it feels like to be a Coach? Yvonne talks about how her NLP coaching business has evolved and how within a few weeks of completing her NLP course she’d sold £2k of coaching packages. She’s excited and passionate about doing what she does (it oozes out of her!). She has even used the pandemic to successfully drive forward her coaching business globally! You’ll love this truly transformational story, tune in today!

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