Balancing Life and Leadership: A Conversation with Chris Martin, VP at World Wide Technology

The Quarterback DadCast

05-10-2023 • 1 hr 8 mins

Are you ready to be a part of an enriching conversation with Chris Martin, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing and Government Services at World Wide Technology? As we unpack his journey, you'll discover how an ex-swim captain from UMass Amherst, a co-host of a student sports radio, and now a father of four, balances his personal and professional life with admirable grit and perseverance.  I am thankful for the kind introduction made by Joel Leege to make today's episode possible, where we met at the Bullhorn Engage conference.

Chris shared so many golden nuggets of wisdom as we discussed the importance of #gratitude, #resilience, and everyday acts of #kindness in shaping our parenting style.  One thing that Chris and I both believe will never go out of style is to be nice.

Expect an emotional rollercoaster as we stroll down memory lane with Chris, exploring his love for sports, childhood dreams, and the significance of his role at Worldwide Technology.  As our conversation continued, we explored the power of family traditions and the influence of his father's military service. Get ready for a deep dive into teaching kindness, reflecting on past regrets, and the invaluable lessons we can learn from them.

After a heartfelt discussion, we shifted gears into a fun lightning round, where we learned about Chris's love for rap music, followed by a dynamic quick-fire round of questions highlighting his favorite football team!  Wrapping up the episode, we celebrate the little wonders of life and reflect on the core values of Worldwide Technology. So, buckle up for an episode brimming with laughter, lessons, and an abundance of love for family and the exhilarating game of life.

Lastly, I must tag the book Chris just finished by his good friend, Neil P. Rogers, who wrote "Bar Tips."

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