Accelerating Change - Paul Compton - Episode 1

Accelerating Change - A Conversation About The Future

29-07-2021 • 31 mins

In the inaugural episode of the Accelerating Change podcast, Dr Paul Browning speaks with Mr Paul Compton, the Global Head of Banking at Barclays Bank in New York City.

Paul grew up in Aspley and attended St Paul’s School from 1977 to 1981.  He then completed a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Economics at the University of Queensland before beginning his corporate career at Ernst and Young in Brisbane.  He then transferred to New York City where he worked for 20 years with JP Morgan.  He then joined Barclays Bank as its COO before becoming its President and, ultimately, Global Head of Banking.

Paul talks about the challenges of having to relocate a workforce of 80,000 employees to be able to work from home within a matter of weeks, what changes Covid has accelerated, answers questions from students and makes some predictions about the future.

1:00 – Paul Compton’s background

3:30 – the impact of Covid in the USA and its flow-on effects on business

7:20 – Planning for a crisis and learning from a crisis

10:00 – Changes that have accelerated such as flexible work arrangements and AI

16:00 – Career advice for young people

22:00 – Questions from students

28:00 – Advice for parents

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