The Undying Spirit of Juno Roche: Conquering Adversity in the Trans World

Coming Out Stories

01-11-2023 • 52 mins

What does it take to live authentically in the face of adversity and societal norms?
Juno Roche is an iconic figure in the transgender community and a notable author.
With a life composed of resilience, identity, and transformation, Juno has a wealth of experiences - from growing up in a tough family to navigating the world of LGBTQ+ culture during the 70s-80s, and discovering her true self amidst personal challenges.

In this conversation you'll hear about Juno's  childhood experiences, her battle for identity, and the challenges she faced as a transgender person in a prejudiced society.
Her story moves from being a functioning drug addict during her younger adulthood, to her diagnosis with HIV that led to a turning point in her life and identity. Her fight is tangible, her spirit unbroken, and her journey profound.

Find out more about Juno and their work here

Presented by Emma Goswell

Produced by Sam Walker

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