102: Shining a Light on Perinatal Health and Plants that Soothe with Sunshower Wellness

Thyme in the Studio: Art & Wellness

07-04-2023 • 48 mins

Looking for ideas about how to prepare for the perinatal window or ideas about launching your own brand? Marissa is super knowledgeable about health and wellness and especially dialed into the perinatal time and is also a genius about building a brand. This interview is full of juicy helpful info and we get reall about how the perinatal window is no cake walk.

A bit about Sunshower Wellness:

Sunshower Wellness offers an approachable way to access the supportive nature of herbs. As an herbal practitioner specializing in mood, sleep, and perinatal support, Marissa formulates and blends herbal products for retail and sees clients 1:1 for personalized guidance on their wellness goals. We can benefit greatly from utilizing herbs that help us to slow down, rest, and recover. She’s personally leaned heavily on certain herbs to help her through trauma and her own perinatal period, and she wants to share this knowledge. Every body is different, and herbs are subtle and nuanced, so her aim with Sunshower Wellness is to match herbs to the individual to help bring harmony to her areas of specialization.Marissa holds a certificate in Medical Herbalism from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and a certificate in Mind-Body Therapy, a holistic approach to healing the psychological, spiritual, and physical. She’s also passionate about sustainability and earned an Executive Education Certificate in Corporate Sustainability from NYU Stern.

Connect with Marissa @sunshowerwellness and www.sunshowerwellness.com

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