96: Money Rituals, Bookkeeping and Taxes for Creatives with Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax

Thyme in the Studio: Art & Wellness

12-01-2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

I’m excited for today’s episode, where I got to chat with Hannah Cole of Sunlight tax and she shares some super straightforward ways that you can make your bookkeeping for your creative business more easy, interesting and beneficial. We also get into some ethical investing strategies to make sure you are taking care of the wise and wonderful future you,  maybe 6 or maybe 60 years from now. She also has a gorgeous free gift for listeners and there will be a link in the show notes.

Here’s a bit about Hannah


Hannah is a tax expert who specializes in working with creative people and their businesses.

A long-time working artist with a high-level exhibition history, the financial challenges of freelancers and small creative businesses are both relevant and personal to Hannah. And she knows that describing tax concepts in jargon-free language is always a good thing.

Hannah delivers engaging tax education that is art-world savvy and empowering. Hannah is the creator and host of the Sunlight podcast, where she discusses taxes, money and career issues for creative people. Through her online program Money Bootcamp, she helps self-employed people understand and manage their taxes and build F***-You Money, so they can stay focused on the work they love without fear of the IRS or going broke.

Hannah Cole Links:

Free class: https://go.sunlighttax.com/register

Visual Deductions Guide: https://www.sunlighttax.com/deductionsguide

website: www.sunlighttax.com


Thyme in the Studio links:








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